Day Twenty-Four through Twenty-Seven

A general lack of internet access since entering the Montes de León (in addition to excruciating physical pain) has postponed these posts and, by proxy, forced me to reflect. 

At dawn one morning, N. and I deposited the stones we’d carried for miles among a hundred thousand others, figuratively lightening our burden. Rituals are a powerful, tangible reminder of our connection with something far grander than ourselves. 

Since then, we’ve been climbing into the mountains, each day bringing us further and further from the meseta. The splendor and sublimity of the peaks and valleys lie all about us in marvelous configurations. Nature with clockwork regularity has all her taps turned on. The true countdown begins: exactly one week until Santiago.


3 thoughts on “Day Twenty-Four through Twenty-Seven

  1. Some beautiful sights .great pictures . As the countdown begins u guys have made major progress in your journey both physically and I m sure spiritually. Proud of you guys and delighted u are in the last leg of your journey xxxx


  2. Absolutely amazing pictures and dialog! This afternoon, I spent a few hours (my smart TV was not so smart today) with my sister and her husband drinking Sangria and enjoying / sharing your journey from day 1. All were enthralled! Can’t wait to see the next posts and share the final days of the journey with you and N.


  3. Your pictures and heartfelt thoughts are truly amazing. What an incredible experience that im sure you will be forever changed by.
    Thank you for sharing your amazing experience with us. Take care of those feet on your last leg of your inspiring journey!! You ladies rock!!
    I’m so proud of you both.
    sending lots of Love 💞 XOXO💞


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